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Our summer camps are meant to enrich the lives of young adults by providing one of the greatest experiences in their young lives, exposing them to the college student lifestyle in order to prepare them for their freshman year, choosing a field of study, or empowering them to start an entrepreneurial journey.

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About the program


LOCATION: Homework Hub , Kolodvorska 12, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Camp will be held as a day camp. Accommodation can be arranged if needed.

  • Daily group work with a mentor
  • Business topics presented by leading entrepreneurs, global brands and Start-Ups
  • Workshops
  • Field trips
  • Brand stories
  • Business idea pitch
  • A network of new friendship
  • Certificate issued by World Innovation and Change Management Institute

Throughout the day, students will be provided with lunch and healthy snacks.

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Our Classes

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Economics is the study of how society allocates limited resources to the production of goods and
services to satisfy unlimited human wants. There are two main branches of economics:
microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics deals with the analysis of individual parts of
the economy. It concerns factors determining the behavior of a consumer, the behavior of a firm, the
demand for a good, the supply of a good, the price of a good, the quantity of a good, the
performance of a market, etc. Macroeconomics deals with the analysis of the whole economy. It
concerns factors determining aggregate variables such as aggregate demand, aggregate supply,
national output, unemployment, inflation, the balance of payments, etc. As opposed to
microeconomics which focuses on the individual parts of the economy, macroeconomics looks at the
big picture of the economy. What are the learning outcomes of economics?

  • Apply effective written and oral communication skills to business situations
  • Analyze the global business environment
  • Analyze the local business environment
  • Use critical thinking skills in business situations
  • Apply an ethical understanding and perspective to business situations

The use of specific knowledge, skills, tools, and processes to provide something of value to others is
known as project management. Projects include the development of software to improve a company
process, the construction of a building, the relief effort following a natural disaster, and the
expansion of sales into a new geographic market. Projects are getting more and more important. One
of the reasons for this is that initiatives stimulate innovation, which is becoming increasingly vital.
Our economy has moved from a competitive environment where enterprises competed on
operational excellence (being more efficient) to one where disruptive innovation drives
competitiveness. What are the learning outcomes?

  • Define project management and familiarize yourself with the major elements.
  • Recognize the essential components of a project plan, as well as the significance of proper
    structures and frameworks.
  • Have a basic understanding of some of the most common project management approaches
    and technologies.
  • Recognize that review mechanisms are critical to the effective implementation and completion of any project.

The term “digital currency” refers to money that is exclusively available in digital or electronic form.
It’s also known as cybercash, digital money, electronic money, or electronic currency. Digital
currencies have no physical properties and are only available in digital form. Computers or electronic
wallets connected to the internet or specified networks are used to conduct digital currency
transactions. Physical currencies, on the other hand, such as banknotes and minted coins, are

palpable, meaning they have distinct physical qualities. Only when their holders have physical
possession of these currencies are transactions involving these currencies possible.
What are the learning outcomes of Digital Currencies and Online Trading?

  • Understanding the history of money’s definition and qualities
  • Consider the current state of value exchange in the digital age.
  • Understand what blockchain technology is, how it works, and what its limitations are.
  • Define cryptocurrency and how it compares to and varies from fiat currency.
  • Explain how cryptocurrencies are managed.

Any marketing that makes use of electronic devices can be used by marketing professionals to deliver
promotional messaging and track its effectiveness throughout the consumer journey. Digital
marketing refers to marketing initiatives that display on a computer, phone, tablet, or another device
in practice. Online video, display ads, search engine marketing, paid social ads, and social media
posts are just a few examples. Traditional marketing methods such as magazine ads, billboards, and
direct mail are frequently compared to digital marketing. Surprisingly, television is frequently
grouped with traditional marketing.
What are the learning outcomes of Digital Marketing?

  • Communication
  • Comprehension and Application of New Media
  • Digital Ethics
  • Data analysis
  • How to create a digital marketing plan

Investing, borrowing, lending, budgeting, saving, and forecasting are all examples of financial
management. Personal, corporate, and public/government finance are the three basic categories of
finance. The simplest method to define finance is to give instances of the various activities that it
encompasses. There are numerous career pathways and jobs that conduct a variety of financial tasks.
The following are a few of the most common examples: Investing personal money in stocks, bonds,
or guaranteed investment certificates (GICs), Borrowing money from institutional investors by issuing
bonds on behalf of a public company, Lending money to people by providing them a mortgage to buy
a house with, Using Excel spreadsheets to build a budget and financial model for a corporation,
Saving personal money in a high-interest savings account, Developing a forecast for government
spending and revenue collection.
What are the learning outcomes of Basics of Finance?

  • Make use of hypothetical instances to see if a corporation is making the best use of its
  • Using demand equations, calculate demand elasticity.
  • Sort economic expenses into categories.
  • Show examples of standard pricing schemes.
  • Describe how the government ensures that businesses follow the law.

Our packages



  • Dates: June 27- July 8, 2022
  • Payments unit June 24, 2022
  • Unlimited users
  • VAT is not included in the price
  • The accommodation on the hotel premises can be booked, if needed.

at the last minute it is always the most challenging but you are always welcome, expect a
lot of knowledge, new energy, apply.

ENROLL NOW! * The price has been reduced thanks to approved scholarship by World Innovation and Change Management Institute.

Let's Meet Our Team


Danijel Koletić


Asja Dupanović


Tina Mažuran


Una Bejtović


Bosnia and Herzegovina


The land of friendly people and the best coffee. The country is mostly mountainous with breathtaking scenery and well-preserved nature. Its most interesting landmarks are the blue rivers, canyons, waterfalls, and bridges. Bosnia and Herzegovina has been nicknamed the “Heart-Shaped Land” because of the country’s slight heart shape. Do you think of the Amazon or perhaps the Congo when you think of jungles? We do not really blame you, but did you realize that Europe still has a magnificent, pristine jungle? Perucica, on the Montenegrin border, is one of Europe’s two remaining primeval forests. Perucica has several 300-year-old trees, and the undisturbed forest vintage stretches back 20,000 years. Bosnia and Herzegovina is also known for their movie festival: While Sundance and Cannes are more well-known, serious cinema connoisseurs go to the Sarajevo Film Festival every year. The Sarajevo Film Festival, now one of Europe’s largest, attracts more than 100,000 guests each year. The festival’s founders couldn’t have anticipated such a massive turnout when they established it in the fall of 1995, right at the height of the siege. However, almost 15,000 cinema fans attended the first year, demonstrating the film’s power to provide an escape.

Camp news

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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.


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All questions and answers in one place

What is the recommended allowance?
What is the recommended allowance?

The recommended allowance for our participants in Zagreb camp is 50 HRK daily when we are in the camp and 100 HRK daily when we go on field trips.

The recommended allowance for our participants in the Ljubljana camp is 7 EUR daily when we are in the camp and 15 EUR daily when we go on a field trip.

It is possible for parents to hand over the entire amount of pocket money to the representatives of our team upon arrival. The money will then be distributed to the participant at the exact time every day, according to the parent’s wishes. In case a participant is traveling alone, it will be possible for their parents to pay for their allowance money through an online transfer.

Will there be a designated area for keeping my valuables?
Will there be a designated area for keeping my valuables?

We do not recommend bringing any valuables to the Camp, since there is no option to guarantee their safety.

What is the food like at camp?
What is the food like at camp?

All of our menus are made according to the daily nutritive needs of young people aged 12-15, 16-19. There will be a buffet offered every day so that everyone can choose their menu according to their preferences.
In case there’s a birthday at the time of the Camp, party treats will be organized.
During the break, healthy snacks will be organized, and during the lectures and workshops, water will be available to participants.
It is mandatory for participants to let us know about their food and other allergies.

What are the rules regarding smoking and alcohol?
What are the rules regarding smoking and alcohol?

Smoking and alcohol are strictly forbidden at all times.

Do I need to carry my own laptop?
Do I need to carry my own laptop?

No, the classrooms at the camp are equipped with computers and IT equipment.

What will I get from the equipment at the camp?
What will I get from the equipment at the camp?

On the first day of camp you will receive a backpack, a notebook, pens.

How long do the camps run for?
How long do the camps run for?

Camps run from June-August.

What will I receive at the end of the camp?
What will I receive at the end of the camp?

At the end of the camp, each participant will recieve certification from World Innovation and Change Management Institute.


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‘’This camp inspired me, the lectures were more than useful to me.’’


‘’My parents are proud of me.’’


‘’Arriving was a bit stressful for me, and the end of the camp sad.’’


’’ I can definitely recommend Youth Business Camp.’’

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